Upcoming Online Courses

We've been pretty quiet on the social media lately. It's not because we don't have anything to share; rather we've been hard at work in developing new online courses. We thought we would share some course previews with you now.

These are courses we are seeking to deliver. We're not 100% sure we can get them all done according to schedule. Nonetheless, we like creating pressure for ourselves by talking up the courses we're developing and then killing ourselves to get them done on time. (:

Here goes...

Gathering Requirements

Requirement gathering is one of the most critical skills for the Business Analyst. But it's incredibly common for gathering skills to be short-changed and underdeveloped. Accordingly we are developing this course. It will focus on how to:

  • Plan a requirements gathering phase
  • Line up the right stakeholders,
  • Choose the right methods,
  • Do the actual gathering and...
  • Document the thing

It should be about three hours long (and that means probably about four hours, because Don talks a lot). We're hoping to launch this online in mid-September.

Intro to Business Process Modeling

Business process modeling is a really important skill for BAs, and like Othello, it takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. Well, no, not really. It really will just take this course to learn it, and then the Mastering BPM course below to master. And you have to practice. Any way.

In this course, we'll be providing:

  • An overview of Business Process Modeling... what it's all about, where it came from and why it's important
  • A primer on BPM -- i.e. how to do it
  • Introductions to Lean and Six Sigma and...
  • An introduction to the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN)

We're aiming to have this be a one-hour course, released at the end of September. Oh, and for the first time, we'll have a special guest co-presenting with Don. Fun!

Business Case Development

There is nothing worse than running a great project and getting to the end of it with the senior stakeholders questioning why the project was even done in the first place. It happens to everyone at some point in their career, but it doesn't have to.

In our Business Case Development course, we'll give our students tools to develop awesome business cases. We'll look at topics like:

  • What makes a great business case
  • Who needs to be involved
  • How to tie the business case into your requirements and planning
  • How to deal with the various possible outcomes of business cases
  • How to effectively push back against senior stakeholders when their pet projects don't hold water

We're expecting this one to be a bit over an hour, and released at the end of October. Happy Halloween in advance.

Agile Business Analysis

Agile? You've probably never heard of it (just kidding). No, it's actually a hot topic in software development, product management and a host of other business and management disciplines. In this course we'll talk about:

  • What agile is all about
  • Common agile methodologies (Scrum, but others too)
  • The role of the BA in agile projects
  • Performing effectively on agile projects (i.e. what to do and how to do it well) and...
  • Tips on evangelizing agile in your organization

This will be about one hour in length (Don will have to talk really fast), and is due out at the end of November.

Mastering Business Process Modeling

Say you take the intro to BPM course, and you feel sad because there was only one hour of it. Well Seventh Morning is preparing a year-end present for you (except it will cost money, unfortunately).

Mastering BPM is so far in the future that we haven't even developed an outline for it yet. But it looks like we'll be developing the core concepts introduced in the intro course, in addition to giving a solid grounding in BPMN.

We're expecting this one to be two hours long and delivered just before the new year.

Woof. If you're tired after reading this, just be glad you're not the ones developing the courses! But we're excited about our plans and hope you are too.

Stay tuned!