BA102: Developing Requirements



Course Preview

Business analysis is easy, right? You just ask your stakeholders what they want and write down their responses... NO!

Experienced Business Analysts know that real requirements development is a challenging endeavor, requiring a number of interviewing, observation, group facilitation, and documentation skills.

In this course, we'll step through how to plan effective requirements development phases for your project, cover the skills you need to run them effectively, and set you up for success in developing solutions to your organization's problems.

This course is a natural next course for those students completing "Fundamentals of Business Analysis."



This is an intermediate-level course -- a basic course in Business Analysis (like "Fundamentals of Business Analysis) is a prerequisite.

No technical background required.

Course Content


1. Course Introduction

2. Pre-Elicitation: Planning Requirements Development

  • Identifying Requirement Sources
  • Stakeholder Classes
  • Determining Requirements Development Methods
  • Making the Plan
  • Example Plans: Two Scenarios

3. Elicitation: Developing Requirements

  • One-on-One Interviewing
  • One-on-One Interviewing: High-Level Scenario
  • One-on-One Interviewing: Detailed Scenario
  • Observation
  • Observation: Scenario
  • Group Interviewing
  • Group Interviewing: Scenario
  • Brainstorming
  • JRP and JAD Sessions
  • Focus Groups
  • Surveys
  • Documents
  • Systems

4. Documenting Requirements 

  • Documenting Requirements
  • Organizing and Categorizing Input
  • Streamlining Input
  • Framing the Requirements

5. Special Topics in Requirements Development

  • Special Situations and Frequent Questions
  • Closing Words