BA102: Developing Requirements



Coming in January 2015

You can only solve your organization's problems if you understand them.

This course is a deep-dive into eliciting and documenting requirements. We cover all the major requirements-gathering techniques, illustrate how to turn disparate stakeholder input into solid requirements, and bring it all together with a scenario.

This course is a natural next step after BA101: Fundamentals of Business Analysis.



Foundational knowledge of business analysis, such as can be gained from BA101.

No technical background required.

Course Content

  1. Introduction
    • Requirements
  2. Making the Plan
    • Identifying Requirements Sources
    • Stakeholder Classes
    • Determining Requirements Development Methods
    • Making the Plan
    • Example Plans
  3. Gathering Requirements
    • One-on-One Interviewing
    • One-on-One Interviewing > High-Level Scenario
    • One-on-One Interviewing > Detailed Scenario
    • Observation
    • Observation > Scenario
    • Group Interviewing
    • Group Interviewing > Scenario
    • Brainstorming
    • JRP and JAD Sessions
    • Focus Groups
    • Surveys
    • Documents
    • Systems
  4. Documenting Requirements
    • Documenting Requirements
    • Organizing and Categorizing Input
    • Streamlining Input
    • Framing the Requirements
  5. Conclusion
    • Special Situations and Frequent Questions
    • Closing Words