PJ010: Everyday Project Management



Course Preview

Are you having trouble getting things done? Has your boss given you a project to run, and you don't know where to start? Or are you feeling overwhelmed by the sheer mountain of work in front of you?

"Everyday Project Management" can help give you the tools to overcome this. This course includes:

  • Nine video lectures in clear and simple language and minimal jargon
  • Seven quizzes and a final exam so you get instant feedback on how well you learned the material
  • Seven assignments that will be personally reviewed and graded by an expert Project Manager. You'll get feedback on your work, which is critical to learning project management

This course is great for those who manage small projects at work (marketing campaigns, annual budgeting cycles, etc) or at home (family events, holidays).

This course is not intended for professional Project Managers or others who work on complex projects.



None, other than the desire to learn how to run small projects effectively.

No technical background required.

Course Content


1. Introduction

2. Planning the Project

  • Determining the Goal
  • Determining the Work to be Done
  • Determining Who does What
  • Determining Time Factors
  • Determining the Necessary Resources

3. Managing the Project

  • Executing and Controlling the Plan
  • Managing Risks and Issues

4. Conclusion